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Atheism equals freedom

As an atheist, I accept the thought I was created. It’s pretty safe to say that I was – I have parents after all.

I’m a pro-science person. Science is my preferred method for discovering the answers to life, the universe and everything. Science doesn’t care about belief or faith – science doesn’t have all the answers, it’s never claimed to. It makes the process of discovery fun and exciting. Science expects nothing of us, science demands no praise or worship.

An individual on Twitter asked if I was okay with the thought of being created – why was I an atheist? Why not turn to religion? And how would I react if science discovered that a god or entity did indeed create us?

If a god or entity did create us – my first reaction would be to ask it what its motives where for creating us, further to that – what were its motives for creating the human condition – greedy, full of sometimes unstable emotion and often murderous. I’m not going to assume that this hypothetical entity is one from a monotheistic religion but any creator that creates a creature so intent on killing each other for stupid reasons has some explaining to do.

I’ve spoken a lot about why I’m an atheist – I’m not arrogant enough to be a theist, I don’t need religion and I’m a slave to no-one. Even if a god-like creator did in fact create us – I owe them nothing. I owe my parents nothing for them having drunken sex and creating me. Religion offers me nothing, not even proof of its own claims that a higher power exists among us. Religion offers me nothing beneficial – the beneficial things religion claims to offer can be found living a secular life.

What the monotheist religions offer is an easy way out from thinking, from being proactive in my life, from self policing and freedom from taking responsibility, they present a world where I should feel guilty for being who I am, for who I love and for the very fact I am human. Monotheist religions tell me that by the virtue of being human – I’m sick and in need of religions cure. That I need saving and need forgiveness for my so-called sins and if I don’t I will go to hell. Religion offers me a place of despair, guilt and a sense of hopelessness and fear because I could never pass the bar that religion sets for me. Religions tell me to take instruction from a higher power – to do beneficial deeds not because they are beneficial but because it will appease said higher power.

Atheism is my liberation. Being a free thinker – being under the guidance of my own intellect with the freedom to obtain us much knowledge as possible is a human right. Not being scared of committing a thought crime or not being scared of expressing myself. Not regarding myself as a sick individual who cannot do good or a slave with no individuality – whose only purpose is to do a higher powers work.

I accept the thought of being created – whatever or whoever that may be. We haven’t the complete answer to that question yet. I don’t accept religion, I don’t respect religion nor its quick fix answers. I’m excited at the prospect of unanswered questions because the process of discovery is much more awe-inspiring and wondrous than religion could ever be.

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