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Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Rayne


Dear majority communities – you’re screwed

There’s a lot of inter-community oppression and policing within the queer and feminist communities. Well minority communities in general it would seem.

Inter-community bullying and abuse runs rampant with separatism and cliques invading peaceful spaces. Queers, feminists and other minorities displaying an “Us vs Them” mentality while wondering why majority communities largely ignore them.

Some individuals play the Oppression Olympics game where levels of oppression are constantly compared to discover who has it worse. The Oppression Olympics has an upside of getting people to examine what privileges the do and don’t have, the downside is that it’s often used as a tactic to undermine and invalidate others experiences.

We really need to get our own shit together.

Sometimes I see minority communities – especially my own like a really disorganized school. Rooms filled with students who want to learn who have only been given a mountain of textbooks. The students read them but some of them struggle with the content and terminology because everyone has different learning styles and sometimes reading just doesn’t work for some people.

When the students ask the teachers for help, they reply “Just read the textbook again”. If the students want more help outside of reading the textbook – the teachers scream “It’s not our job scum!” Resulting in some of the students walking out while the teachers cry “Hey, where are going? Don’t ignore our struggle!” and “Aww did I hurt poor little (insert majority status” feelings?). The students who stay are abused for not getting the content quickly enough or are taunted for showing emotion as a result of the abuse.

You can’t bitch that the majority is ignoring you while justifying your reasons for calling them oppressive scum. Communities can be oppressive and powerful, individuals can feel powerless. You can’t whine that it isn’t your job to fill in the gaps in knowledge while complaining about how “(insert majority) just isn’t getting it”.

Negative attitudes like the one’s above mean that majority communities are always screwed whatever they do.

1. A Christian comes out as gay for a year to experience first hand what it’s like to be gay. He writes a book about his experiences to teach his peer group. This isn’t acceptable because he “has profiteered off queer oppression”. Even though some people only learn through the eyes of people they can relate to.

2. A white hip hop artists tells his fans via song to not be homophobic. This is unacceptable because hip hop is a black community thing (and white people can’t be hip hop artists apparently except if they’re talking about drugs/guns and “bitches”), also it might make the black hip hop community look bad.

Therefore majority communities – straight, white, cisgendered, Christian etc – you’re screwed. You’re screwed if you try to help, you’re screwed if you don’t help. You’re screwed if you help too loudly. You’re screwed if you don’t consult with minority communities first. You’re screwed if you accidentally say the wrong thing and you’re screwed if you protest about getting abused over that wrong thing.

I wrote this post quite awhile ago about how to be a good ally. The post still stands but I just want to let majority communities know what to expect if you want to be an ally. People will be jerks to you and that’s not okay.

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