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God is a predator

Quite a number of people I know have been or currently are in abusive relationships and no amount of talking to them will convince them otherwise. Abusive relationships are complex situations especially when the person being abused decides to stay. There’s a lot of emotional baggage tied up in an abused persons mind that contributes to them making the decision to stay in a clearly abusive relationship.

This is how I see theists. Products of abusive relationships.

Battered spouses (If this transcript isn’t evidence enough).

I did this post taking directly from the bible, outlining how and why the god character is not only abusive but displays some form of personality disorder (well multiple personalities is a given) that renders him incapable of empathy or mercy. I want to delve into that a bit deeper.

Firstly I’m going to start off by looking at Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R) which can be found in the book “The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson and also in The Girls Guide To Predators by Alison Summers::

Now the Psychopath Checklist is scored thusly: Each of the items in the PCL-R is scored on a three-point scale according to specific criteria through known information about the client. A value of 0 is assigned if the item does not apply, 1 if it applies somewhat, and 2 if it fully applies.

The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:

1. Glib and superficial charm: God is smooth talking, engaging and slick. 1 million plus followers will assure you that god has a way with words. Any believer will go to lengths to assure you that their god had a good reason to commit mass murder by flooding the earth. God has succeeded in convincing people that murdering an entire planet is okay. If that’s not smooth talking and charismatic, I don’t know what is. God gets a 2 for this trait.

2. Grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self: A greatly inflated idea of one’s abilities and self esteem, arrogance and a sense of superiority. As mentioned here, there are quite a few scriptures in the Christian bible that mentions gods inflated ego. Some of the scriptures include (but are not limited to):

Thou shalt have none other gods before me.” – That’s a tad demanding.
For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: Exodus 34:14” – He’s an out and proud jealous individual who has designated himself supreme ruler of all people and demands everyone praise him. God gets a 2 for that trait.

3. Need for stimulation: An excessive need for new and exciting stimulation and risk-taking. Why else create the entire universe and then pit everyone against each other? Why else would he demand human sacrifice as a way for people to show their devotion to him? God gets a 2 for that trait.

4. Pathological lying: Shrewd, crafty, sly,, deceptive, deceitful and underhanded. See Chronicles 18:22 “behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets.” He not only lies but made a special lying spirit.

Ezekiel 14:9 – “And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.” – God has deceived a prophet? How deceitful.|

2 Thess. 2:11 – “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.” – God is making people believe a lie. He wants people to believe a lie? Odd. God gets a 2 for this trait.

5. Cunning and manipulativeness: See above. Also he commits terrible deeds and then says that he loves everyone? That’s a red flag for emotional manipulation, right there. God gets a 2 for this trait.

6. Lack of remorse or guilt: He wipes out an entire planet, demands human sacrifice in his name as a show of faith and love for starters. No remorse or guilt. God gets a 2 for this trait.

7. Shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness): See above. God gets a 2.

8. Callousness and lack of empathy: Wiped. Out. An. Entire. Planet. Enough said. God gets a 2.

9. Parasitic lifestyle: At the very least god has multiple personalities, he claims he is three people in one. The father, the son and the holy spirit. So by that definition anything Jesus does, it’s really god doing it. Jesus traveled from town to town taking money from the poor. God/Jesus gets a 2.

10. Poor behavioral controls: God thought long and hard about killing an entire planet. God gets a 0.

11. Sexual promiscuity: Got a woman pregnant. God gets a 1.

12. Early behavior problems: Jesus ran away from his parents, destroyed a temple. Control your fucking child! Another 2.

13. Lack of realistic long-term goals: So god creates the human race, gives them original sin but since he was all-knowing he would know they would sin anyway. God wipes out an entire planet because they were sinners but because he is all-knowing he would have known that already even if he did give them free will to sin. He still would have known about all the sinning that was going to happen. So his unrealistic long term goal was to give people free will, knowing they would sin anyway, gets surprised and angry they were sinning and then kill them all. God gets a 2.

14. Impulsivity: Jesus checks a tantrum at a temple. God creates an entire universe because he was bored. God gets a 2.

15. Irresponsibility: God creates an entire universe with free will, doesn’t keep an eye on them properly and gets angry when they start being naughty even though he is all-knowing and would have known that would have happened. Pretty irresponsible of a creator to not have all contingency plans covered. God gets a 2.

16. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions: God gives us free will to do whatever we choose, then doesn’t take at least some measure of responsibility when we doing something he considers wrong? Dude, you gave us free will to do it. Without free will, we wouldn’t have done it. It’s in part your fault. God gets a 2.

17. Many short-term marital relationships: He get’s a woman pregnant and doesn’t call? The jerk. God gets a 2.

18. Juvenile delinquency: Jesus ran away from his parents to argue with priests. God gets a 2.

19. Revocation of conditional release: Jesus said he would be back. The liar. God gets a 2.

20. Criminal versatility: Drowning, famine, mauling, smiting, burning, plague, buried alive, stoning, hanging, beheading. That is just how god killed children. Human sacrifice, accessory to rape and murder. God gets a 2.

Total score: 39 out of 40. A score of above 30 qualifies an individual as a psychopath. Congratulations god.


Psychopaths like to condition their victims, mold them to their will so they can do whatever they want with them without question. Claudia Moscovici has a great article on psychopathic conditioning of their victims. In fact not only does the psychopathic god character conditions humans to follow his every abusive whim but religion itself (in this case the Christianity and its sub sects) uses cult tactics to reel in more followers.

Characteristics associated with cult groups:

The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as the Truth, as law. Do I really need to explain?

Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished. Again, do I need to explain?

Mind-altering practices (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, and debilitating work routines) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s). Some sub sects of Christianity also use the following tactics:

Deception – Group identity and/or true motives are not revealed. The group leaders tell members to withhold truth from outsiders.

Emotional Leverage/Love Bombing Instant friendship, extreme helpfulness, generosity and acceptance…Group recruiters “lovingly” will not take “no” for an answer-invitations impossible to refuse without feeling guilty and/or ungrateful. “Love”, “generosity”, “encouragement” are used to lower defenses and create an ever increasing sense of obligation, debt and guilt.

Exploit Personal CrisisThey use an existing crisis as a means of getting you to participate. They exploit vulnerability arising from:

  • Broken relationships
  • Death in the family
  • Loss of job
  • Move to new location
  • Loneliness/depression
  • Guilt/shame
  • Stress/fear

Crisis Creation They employ tactics designed to create or deepen confusion, fear, guilt or doubt. i.e. “you aren’t serving God the way He intended.” Questions areas of faith never before examined or explored and attack other faiths specifically.

All The Answers Provide simple answers to the confusion they, themselves, create. Support these answers with material produced or “approved” by the group.

The leadership dictates, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry—or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth). Does this ring any bells? Church and the bible much?

The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s) and members (for example, the leader is considered the Messiah, a special being, an avatar—or the group and/or the leader is on a special mission to save humanity).

I’ve met several Christians who haven’t got an elitist attitude towards being a Christian. All others I have met seem to believe calling themselves Christian means they are morally superior to others. We all know this isn’t true.

The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society. Evident in their treatment of the LGBTI community, past permitted slavery, Salem Witch trials and general superiority complexes.

The leader is not accountable to any authorities (unlike, for example, teachers, military commanders or ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream religious denominations). “Only god can judge me!” Yeah right.

The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members’ participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, lying to family or friends, or collecting money for bogus charities). Evident in their treatment of the LGBTI community, past permitted slavery, Salem Witch trials, abusing children by threatening them with underground torture etc.

The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt in order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion. See here.

Subservience to the leader or group requires members to cut ties with family and friends, and radically alter the personal goals and activities they had before joining the group. Yep. Some Christians don’t like hanging around non-believers.

The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members. Door knockers. Enough said.

The group is preoccupied with making money. Hill Song Mega Church. Enough said.

Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group and group-related activities. Church much?

Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members. Some churches and subsets are only allowed to hang around with others of the same sect.

The most loyal members (the “true believers”) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group. Considering some theists don’t believe atheists can live happy lives or live good decent lives. That one is a given. Cult characteristic alert much? We all know atheists can be good without god.

Lets have a look at the characteristics of an abuse victim or typical born again believer that is attracted to religion:

They have a low self-esteem. Why else would you need guidance from a book?

They tend to be very insecure, and anxious. See above.

They have a submissive personality. It makes it easier to be influenced by others.

They feel inferior to others. Easier to use cult tactics on them.

They depend on others, emotionally and financially. Cults offer community.

They feel they don’t deserve to be respected as human beings. Well their god and religion says they’re fucked up to peddle god as their cure.

They have unrealistic expectations. We’re all sinners and need to change because we’re failed god. Even babies.

They feel they need to be controlled (or “protected”) by others. The bible is nothing but a book of control.

They are excessively tolerant and accommodating. Tolerant of their god and the things he asks of them. Tolerant of the bullshit discriminatory behaviour displayed by fundamentalists – apologetic and enabling even.

They don’t stand for their rights. Or the rights of anyone else because we’re sinners.

They deceive themselves by thinking that –one day- magically, the abuser will change. Or they delude themselves into thinking the abusive behaviour is acceptable.

The blame themselves on other people’s problems, or they blame it on the world, or life, or luck or a given situation. It’s our fault god killed men, women and children – they were sinners.

They are not aware of the fact that they allow abuse to occur. One word: apologists.

They don’t feel they are capable to succeed by themselves. They don’t feel they can be moral without the bible either.

They tend to have a difficult time with setting boundaries and saying “No”. Evident in fact that their god can get away with murder and demanding child sacrifice.


Readers! Your thoughts and feelings towards the above? Do you agree or disagree? Is religion nothing more than an abusive relationship? Or something more?

Check out – The weapons of Religion: How Religion Survives in the Age of Information.

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9 Responses to God is a predator

  1. Neel Joshi says:

    Heh, interesting assessment, but I think it relies on the assumption that a God would be bound to the rules of Man. I think that’s where a lot of the reason-based arguments against God break down: we follow logic as a way to understand our world, but our belief it has the potential to be self-fulfilling.

    Logic dictates certain outcomes. Those outcomes turn out right, so we believe in logic. We then use logic to predict more outcomes. If the result disagrees with logic, do we fall back on logic (and assume something must be wrong with the data), or do we fall back on observation (and see a need to revise what logic is)? The answer to that defines whether we are beholden to logic or to the truth.

    But what about in places where we cannot know the truth? What would our test of logic even be in that case? I guess that’s why I’m an agnostic.

    I think I got off topic somewhere… =)

    • Rayne says:

      Valid points. Yes most theists like to dismiss the “God is a psychopath” claims with “God doesn’t have to abide by our laws”. Which is odd because according to theist doctrine, god gave us those laws to begin with. So I guess the god character doesn’t practice what he preaches.

      Taking the perspective that god is a character in a fictional book (the bible) the character does come across as quite apathetic even psychopathic in some of his actions though.

  2. Darrell says:

    I have come the conclusion recently that many of the actions of God are not just. I cannot accept the idea that if God says that his way is the right way, then that is it. It seems to me that TRUTH would nor should be dictated, rather it would be decided upon after some thought. Usually anger is not a good indication of a well though out reaction. If you knew all there was to know you would not have any need to force an opinion on anyone.

    Why would anyone listen to a God that tells him to sacrifice his own son. No one, but no on would condone that today.

    Can genocide ever be the right answer (in regards to Noah). Surely not everyone was EVIL. There is some good in everyone.

    So I can only assume that Man has made some mistakes in interpreting God’s intentions/actions, assuming there is a God.

    Let us say that there is a God. Does a God have the right to destroy a senscient creature? Do we have the right to kill the children that we create? Would, should, or can we demand that the lifeforms that we are surely to create by scratch in the near future bow down to us and accept anything hateful thing we request. …… No. I would dare say that it would be made illegal to treat a manmade sensient life form inhumanely. So why should that be any different for God?

    Which is it. Does creating a senscient life form from scratch authorize you to mistreat your creation. If the answer is no, then most if not all religions have some explaining to do.

    The other problem I have, which seems to have gone the way of the Romans, is that who ever said that there must be one and only God. Everything that I have ever experienced has led me to believe that such a thing would be unlikely. Our current definition of living requires procreation. So let’s say that Jesus is God’s procreation, and he is independent from God. Well, now we have 2 Gods. You can call the 3 in one and all that, but we have two Gods. Now, if we take the God of the Old testament that seems to act out sometimes, it would seem that the other God may not always seem eye-to-eye. So the only way in which we can call God living and have a son that is in harmony, God’s actions would HAVE to be reasonable. And if their actions are always reasonable and the TRUTH, well then there will always be harmony. So if that is what God is, great. But that is not a God that has emotions, opinions, or options. Because the TRUTH must be only one thing….other wise one of the other Gods might disagree and we would have a fight.

    What if Satan is other God and God the almighty has just been doing a better marketing job?

    All this sounds way to complicated to be explained in a book that is 2000 years old.

    Just a thought

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  6. rick says:

    God is a predator. He feeds off the suffering of humanity, animals, and all living things. That is his appetite. His desert is the starving and sick children on the planet. Yes he has quite the appetite. We can not fathom in our minds the depths of his evilness. You wouldn’t want your mind to go to such a place. What I regret the most about Christians is that the Romans didn’t feed every last one of them to the lions. The world would have been so much better off. Trading today for the promised land tomorrow. Say your prayers and do not a fucking thing. Here we are! God hates us all except for those who cause suffering to others, as that is his appetite. May god bless us all or in other words FUCK YOU!

  7. rick says:

    Anytime I’ve ever said prayers, which were always asking for help for those who were starving and sick, (always thought that my job interview would go well enough on my own) the answer was always HELL NO!

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