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Helping youth at-risk isn’t offensive, unless they’re GLBTI youth

One would think that an organisation that assists youth at-risk of homelessness and abuse would be considered a positive force for good in society.

Apparently not if it’s an organisation that caters to GLBTI youth at-risk.

Then it’s considered offensive.

Same-same.com.au reports that a few thin-skinned souls wandering around Parramatta’s “Rediscover the River” event felt the need to make a complaint due to a very naughty banner outside of the Twenty10 stall that the Lord Mayor’s advisor claims contained “offensive language”:


Well I’m offended the banner doesn’t feature a kitten.

The banner reads:

 “Support service for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people, their families and community. ‘A place to be me, with the support I need”.

For those of my readers who don’t know, Twenty10 is an organisation that works with GLBTI youth and their families in New South Wales and provides a range of services including: Information, Referrals, Support & Advocacy, Case Management, Drop in Services, Groups & Projects, Accommodation for Homelessness, Counselling referrals, Family Support Services, Community Support Services and Schools, Rural support and Telephone support.

I’m so fucking offended by it all that I’m on the edge of my seat with rage, how dare they help teenagers at-risk.

Seriously this helping shit has to stop.

That was sarcasm.

In the wake of the events organisers telling them to take down their banners, Twenty10 rightly told them to stick their event up their arses and left (well they just left, I elaborated on the rest) which I obviously agree with. Twenty10 is an organisation that helps GLBTI youth be themselves and encourages them to be proud of who they are – why should they stick around at an event whose main priority is pandering to thin-skinned fools instead of assisting the youth in their community?

Twenty10 uses their banners as a way of informing GLBTI youth and their families that it is a safe space they can come for assistance. Telling Twenty10 to hide their banners is telling them to hide who they are. Fuck if the public can’t handle a GLBTI youth organisation advertising with two banners, what the hell are they going to do when a real life gay or trans* person stands in front of them?

The Parramatta City Council has basically told their city’s GLBTI youth to hide who they are least a random member of the public gets offended.

The Parramatta City Council responded with this Facebook status:

The text reads:

        In response to numerous complaints made by members of the public, organisers of the Rediscover the River event asked Twenty10 to remove two promotional banners. At no stage did the Lord Mayor or council staff ask Twenty10 to quit their participation at the event. Council regrets any inconvenience or offence taken by its actions and values the efforts, and contribution of Twenty10 in servicing at-risk youth. Council has enjoyed a positive relationship with Twenty10 over some time and hopes to continue to work in partnership over the coming years.

As of yet there has been no apology to Twenty10 because we all know apologising is acknowledgement of a wrong-doing. And I’m guessing the City Council doesn’t want to admit it prioritised the thin-skin of a few over the cities at-risk youth.

There is a petition available here asking for signatures demanding acknowledgement of the Councils wrong-doing and an apology. Feel free to give Twenty10 some love over at their Facebook page here.

Just for once I’d like to hear “You’re offended by a sign? Well buck up and deal sweetheart because what they do is important for our children”.

Pandering to idiots like those few who complained about Twenty10’s banner means you’re enabling their behaviour. People already have a massive sense of undeserved entitlement as it is. Giving people want they want instead of what they need (a good serving of “You’re being a fuckwit. Stop it”) means they will never stop being 5 year old spoiled children. A child who always gets what they want will always think they deserve everything they want straight away. Then when you tell them “No”, they throw a tantrum.

People need to start hearing the word “No”.

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3 Responses to Helping youth at-risk isn’t offensive, unless they’re GLBTI youth

  1. DanDare says:

    A well articulated and incredibly restrained article Rayne. I want to yell at the mayor. Even worse I want to rip into the numpties that have commented in various online articles about how the gays shouldn’t force their politics on “family” events. As if members of families are not ever GLBTI. I haven’t, and your much more powerful words have cooled my blood and sharpened my anger.


    • Rayne says:


      Not to mention the statement “Gays shouldn’t push their agenda at family events” implies that A) helping youth at risk is “pushing an agenda” and not a legitimate social concern, merely a disguise for political gain and B) it implies gays can’t have families or gay relationships are outside the definition of “family”.

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