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Homophobes need to stop being dishonest

So I’m inside surfing the Internet  watching Adventure Time and my Facebook news feed being littered with news articles about which homophobe said what now, got me thinking.

What is it with people who say homophobic remarks, get a ton of backlash from the wider community then either recant the remarks crying “That’s not what I meant, I’m not homophobic!” or “You took my words out of context!” or they back pedal because they’ve realised that their views aren’t the views of the majority of the population? I suspect they’re just deluded into believing that their views are the majority. Often when they’re in a high powered position that is in the public eye, such as a politician, the end result is they resign that position because their remarks have damaged not only their reputation but since the majority holds different views to them – they have a snowballs chance in hell of getting voted into any office.

Unfortunately some politicians (or managing directors of The Australian Christian Lobby) haven’t learned from their mistakes which is grand for the GLBTI community because it shows the world exactly what type of behaviours from people we can face in our lives and makes the homophobes look like lunatics. Sadly this also has negative effects on GLBTI youth and adults still in the closet when they are exposed to this way of thinking. These types of homophobic attitudes contribute to the high rates of suicide, depression and mental illness within the GLBTI community.

Ultimately politicians in power have not learned any lessons about “getting votes = not being a fuckhead”. However prominant individuals making homophobic remark can be quite the double edged sword. The straight community needs to know we have more to worry about than the inability to get married in Australia (if you live in Uganda – you get executed for being gay) yet these homophobic behaviours and opinions reaching the ears of our vulnerable youth and scared people still in the closet which could be potentially emotionally and psychologically damaging to those individuals.

Today’s round up of homophobic bullshit sprouted by people in power:

Australian Party candidates Tess Corbett and Bernard Gaynor compares gays to pedophiles:

Tess Corbett (pictured) told her local newspaper The Hamilton Spectator in a front-page interview yesterday that gay people were a danger unto children and religious organisations and others should be able to legally discriminate against them when hiring employees.

“Paedophiles will be next in line to be recognised in the same way as gays and lesbians and get rights,” she said.

“I don’t want gays, lesbians to be working in my kindergarten. If you don’t like it go to another kindergarten.”

Corbett received support for her views last night from KAP’s potential Queensland Federal Senate candidate, Bernard Gaynor, who tweeted that he was not afraid to say he wouldn’t want gay teachers at his children’s school.

“I wouldn’t let a gay person teach my children and I am not afraid to say it,” he tweeted.

As a gay person I’ve had my sexuality reduced to nothing more than a specific set of sex acts, it’s been compared to bestiality and pedophilia. I’ve been told I’m a sinner and that I’m going to hell. Honestly getting my relationships whittled down to specific sex acts in bed or compared to fucking animals or preying on children to sexually abuse them is not only insulting to me but says a lot about the person promoting these opinions.

They’re fucked up.

I’ve mentioned this in other posts but every time someone says they don’t care what people do in their bedroom when referring to gay people (“I accept gay people, who cares what others do in their bedrooms?”) they are basically whittling down our sexuality to nothing more than sex or sex acts.

Think about it this way, if homosexuality is defined as nothing more than participating in a specific sex act with someone of the same sex – sexuality in general must be defined as what sex act you do and what person of what sex you do it with. So if my lesbianism is defined as “I participate in these sex acts with people of the same sex as me” than heterosexuality must be defined as “A straight woman is straight because they participate in a specific set of sex acts with someone of the opposite sex”.

Sounds fucking stupid doesn’t it? We all know sexuality and relationships are so much more than sex or what sex act you participate in.

By the logic of the people who say “I accept gay people, who cares what others do in their bedrooms?” if sexuality is defined as specific sex acts – that doesn’t work either. Gay men can have anal sex or oral sex, then can participate in fisting orifices (anally), use sex toys or fingers and masturbate each other. Lesbians can participate in anal or oral sex, the can participate in fisting orifices (anally or vaginally) or use strap-on’s/other sex toys or fingers or masturbate each other. Straight people can do the same. Straight people can participate in anal sex or oral sex, they can participate in fisting orifices (anally or vaginally), use fingers or sex toys and masturbate each other. So pretty much every sex act can be done with every mixture of sexes or gender identities.

This line of thinking also disregards the fact that sexuality is much more than sex. Sexuality is about attraction and love. Sex is a byproduct of those things.

So please stop reducing my sexuality down to a sex act or sex in general. Same sex relationships (that aren’t casual fuck buddy relationships) like straight relationships are much more than fucking. Same sex couples live with each, build lives together, rent houses or own them together. They have children together or pets or both. We fight and make up, we do chores together and get foot massages after a hard day at work. I really don’t understand how some people can’t see how same-sex relationships (like those politicians who make homophobic remarks) can be any different from opposite sex relationships.

As for getting my relationships compared to fucking animals or sexually abusing children, that’s nothing more than ignorant fear-mongering on the part of people who want to dehumanise GLBTI people for their own personal gain. Whether it be to get more votes in office from like-minded bigots or to shape policies and legislation to suit their worldview – either way it’s a manipulation tactic.

As a gay atheist I take the whole “you’re a sinner and going to hell but if you repent to Jesus, you’ll be fine and stop being gay” as an insult. First you tell me I’m a sinner that is unnatural and threaten me with underground torture and then you tell me that you have the cure to my unnaturalness – an undead fictional zombie that can turn me straight. This whole statement is based on what those people want from me. They want me to be straight based on what their view of how the world should run – well fuck you, I’m not going to break up my relationship for a random stranger who is trying to tell me I’m psychological damaged based on the words of a fairytale character they can’t prove ever existed.

If you’re going to be homophobic – at least be honest about it and stand by your words. Don’t swallow them when faced with backlash so you don’t look like a bad guy and don’t swallow your words and change your opinion when you it suits you. It makes you look dishonest.

Don’t be the Catholic Church.

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  3. Esther says:

    You have got a point. We all have prejudices if we’re honest. I know I have. I am a Christian. Found you by searching for something totally unrelated. I am sorry for how you have been mistreated.

    • Rayne says:

      My assumption of some of the homophobes I’ve spoken about on the blog is that they are using Christianity and the bible as a tool to justify their bigotry. They were already bigots but the sect of Christianity they follow helps to validate their beliefs.

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