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In which TERFs lack logic

I don’t really have an introduction to this post – it’s all just too..sad.

I’ve spoken about TERFs a lot, the fundamentalist transphobic group masquerading as feminists. They’ve done a lot of horrible stuff over the years – outed people on websites, contacted trans women’s employers, worked with anti-gay organisation to have trans youth expelled from school but, by far, the most desperate thing they are doing is this:

This is sad in a way that makes me embarrassed for them. They should be embarrassed.

For those of my readers who don’t know, otherkin are individuals who claim to feel like they are something that is not human. Often animals or mythical creatures. I’m not here to debate the existence of otherkin or the legitimacy of their claims. I’m here to debunk the sad TERF attempt at comparing transgender people (with a particular focus on trans women) with otherkin.

The Facebook page has a general vibe of mocking transgender people (again with a focus on trans women) with an underlying message of “Well if you claim to be a woman when you were born male, than I can claim I have the spirit of a dragon even though I was born human“. Thinly veiled biological determinism mixed with combination of sadness and short-sighted “logic”.

It also presents a message of “I don’t feel what you’re feeling therefore what you’re feeling is wrong” which is message that TERFs have been sprouting for a while now, alongside the “choice”argument. We all know the choice argument, a persons chooses to be gay or trans so it’s their fault they get discriminated against.

4Hilariously by TERFs creating this page to mock trans people by employing the slippery slope fallacy “If you feel like a woman but were born male, what’s to stop people feeling like another species?“, they are refuting their own sexuality. Sexuality itself is an innate feeling (or a choice for some) which people experience in different ways (gay, straight, bi, pansexual, asexual etc). Even if TERFs purely believe things like sexuality and gender identity are choices a person makes – at the end of the day, that ideal still reinforces the notion they are bigots discriminating against others based on choice. Not to mention the cover photo is giant fuck you to people and cultures who experience appropriation.

If you don’t know what’s happening here – never fear. I can decipher for you. What “Otherkin Rising” is saying is “Trans Supremacists” are getting pissed about this page mocking trans people.

I love how the entire focus of the page is trans women – that’s how you know they are TERFs. TERFs don’t give a shit about trans men because according to TERF thinking, trans men are depressed women wanting male privilege and to them, that concept is saddening but not threatening like they perceive trans women to be. I’m not sure what Otherkin Rising is saying here. Do women have to petition to use a public toilet or are they saying Otherkin need to petition to use a toilet? Either way it’s a play on the trans panic bathroom defence, trans women would like equal access to public bathroom so they can pee in privacy and not get the shit kicked out of them in men’s bathrooms. TERFs are scared of that thought because everyone is out to rape them, trans women in a woman’s bathroom means attempted rape. You know, rather than needing to pee.

There are plenty of non-gender binary trans people on the planet. Indeed TERFs are the main supporters of gender binary thinking. Basic TERF ideology teaches that men = certain characteristics and women = certain characteristics and that’s it. TERFs even use gender binary stereotypes to exclude people regardless of their gender from public spaces.

Now they’re mocking the need for trans equality.

Now they’re mocking the need for trans inclusion and the need for trans safe spaces.

Otherkin is species identity not gender identity. Why are they talking about gender?

That’s just rude. Gender identity is much more complex than “let’s put on lipstick and call ourselves a woman”. Ironically lesbian TERFs get really annoyed when you whittle their sexuality down to “I’m going to call myself a lesbian and therefore I am” which ironically is something that they promote as part of their ideology.


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