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Lesbians protesting a lesbian pride march for being inclusive. Hypocrisy thy name is TERF

For those of you who don’t know Dykemarchlondon.org.uk had their pride parade recently. It’s a pride parade for – you guessed it – lesbians. Their mission statement (found on their website) reads: “Dyke March London is for everyone: dykes, queers, bisexuals, trans* women and allies. This is a grassroots, non-commercial, anti-racist, community-centred, accessible, inclusive event: we welcome all folk who want to support dykes to march with us.” They go out of their way to be inclusive and friendly and to create a safe space for all queer women and their allies free from discrimination and prejudice. While it is really great they have done this – it’s really sad that it needs to be this way because apparently being a decent human being is fucking hard.

Sarah Brown was speaker at the event (read her keynote speech here). For those of you who don’t know, Sarah (who has a great blog here) is a trans activist in London and all round top lady on Twitter whom Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists don’t like very much. Possibility because she is successful. Possibly because she’s done more too make the world a better place for queers than all TERFs combined. Possibly because Dykemarch was being inclusive.

Because we all know TERFs hate trans people and inclusiveness.

Cue TERFs suggesting a boycott of the event:

Sarah Brown would do well to gracefully bow out of public life?

Well that’s harsh.

Paris Less and Roz Kaveney are both trans activists with Twitter accounts who have previously been speakers at Dykemarch. I just love the comment about how the original founders of Dykemarch would be so angry at the “skewing of their movement” well if the original intention of the movement was restrict access to only a few women they considered worthy of attending – that’s bullshit. That’s not the spirit of inclusiveness that lesbians at Stonewall fought for. You can’t fight for rights at Stonewall so you can be included within the wider community free from harm and discrimination and then turn around and do it yourself to others. That’s call hypocrisy. Not too mention the fact the London march has only been running since 2012.

So a boycott was ordered. The comment “I think the message should be spread at the march of Browns views” refers to this blog with screenshots of comments made by Sarah.

Agreed. I’ve been out of the closet as a lesbian since I was 16 years old. I’ve been having sex with women for a long time and I can safely say – genitals are off-putting at times. Have you ever smelled a vagina that has been trapped in pants all day? Or one at the end of ones menstrual cycle? Not cool. They look and can smell funny at times. That’s why endeavor to shower before sex – it’s polite and refreshing.

Again, agreed. I’ve written about political lesbianism before. Women who advocate all women stop having sex with men and call themselves lesbians so they can stop all association with men. You don’t need to be attracted to women, you don’t need to have sex with them – you just need to label yourself a lesbian to be considered one. I take issue with people using my sexuality to further their political agenda. Political lesbians probably do get very frustrated since they no longer have sex with the sex they were original attracted to. I would image they wouldn’t have sex with women considering they only identify as lesbians purely as a statement they don’t want to be affiliated with men anymore. As readers of my blog know, while I cringe at political lesbians for their political agenda but if you want to seek intimacy with women or have relationships with them even if you aren’t really sexually attracted to them – cool. If you want to label yourself a lesbian – cool. Just cut the political shit out. Sexuality isn’t a weapon in some war against men or the patriarchy, my relationship with my same sex partner shouldn’t be a tool of battle.

Which is ironic because TERFs reject trans women as women because “you can’t just call yourself a woman and be considered one”.

Yes that is my twitter that Gia Milinovich (AKA yet another transphobic TERF) is mocking. Gia doesn’t like unexpected penises next to her in public  bathrooms, she believes trans women are men based on the fact they have a penis, not only reducing people down to body parts (while forgetting Intersex people and promoting the patriarchal idea the most important thing about being a woman is having a vagina) but she also believes trans women shouldn’t be in women’s public bathrooms because of the potential for danger. You know, the old TERF trope: if trans women can use women’s public bathrooms, what’s to stop cisgender men from putting on make up and walking into a bathroom and hurting someone? Remember the Letter to the UN created by Cathy Brennan where she fights to get protection for gender identity abolished from the UN? Yep, the bathroom trope lives on.

It is still a fucking ridiculous scare tactic no matter how you spin it, clearly we need a Gender Abolitionist Crotchless Pantsuit Mandate.

More tweets from Sarah that have TERFs pissed off enough to attempt to boycott Dykemarch!

I’m not sure about @firewomon (not firewoman – that has “man” in it. What TERFs will do about the word “female”? Femole?) but she does hang around TERFs and they do like to promote political lesbianism – AKA pretending to be a lesbian in order to cease all association with men. It’s not about attraction but about a political agenda to somehow abolish the concept of gender (and men) while keeping gendered pronouns.

Creationism makes more sense than this.

Preach it sister, everything about this. Sexuality is not meant to be about politics but about love and attraction.

TERFs are going ape shit over this comment. Remember when Laura Jane Grace told the TERF brigade to suck her dick and “get fucked” due to the high level of abuse she was getting? Well TERFs think fucking (well heterosexual fucking) is always rape so telling someone to get fucked (which equates in their mind to getting fucked by a man) is akin to telling them to get raped. I guess the above angry non-literal statement (seriously why would anyone want a TERF to touch anything of theirs? – urgh bigot cooties) from Sarah due to the abuse she was getting hit a nerve with the TERFs, in their world you can abuse someone if you think they deserve it but they’re arseholes if they get the shits with it and explode at you for you being a jerk.

Hilariously the “boycott” actually happened in the form of six TERFs holding up placards when everyone was marching, waiting until Sarah got off stage from her speech and then singing misogynistic chants and blogging about how they chased Sarah off stage.

Picture courtesy of Sarah’s phone and Sarah’s partner who took the photo.

Update: Two of the women in the photo have been identified. Read about it here.

This is how the TERFs are reporting the events from the march. You can click on the link that will take you to a TERF site with a non paint version of the picture – don’t worry, I “donotlinked” the site, they won’t get any bumps up in Google ranking by you clicking the link. PS: Don’t read the text, it will make your brain melt. Seriously, who ever said anyone needed to worship penises?? Strangely the TERF blog that wrote about the march “boycott” talks about “actual lesbians” and “male lesbians” (the term they use for lesbian trans women) – what do you mean “actual lesbians”? I thought TERFs promoted the idea that anyone can be a lesbian if they called themselves that?

P.S: This is a great article written by Natalie about why trans women aren’t scientifically male. Unlike TERFs she actually knows a thing or two about neuroscience and science in general.

Does anyone else think it is hilarious and ironic that some of the TERFs who don’t want “unexpected penises” and who want to abolish gender – fashion themselves in appearance typically assigned to men? The very people they hate? I suspect this is a new Lesbian Gender Uniform.

I never got the TERF obsession with masculinity until this:

And don’t call yourself femme unless you’re a lesbian, it’s a lesbian term and not just short for “feminine”. Calling yourself femme when you’re not a lesbian is offensive.

Think of it like this: patriarchy is the metal ball, femininity is the chain, and it’s tied to a female woman. That’s how radical feminists view femininity. It’s not subversive, it’s designed solely to subjugate and oppress women. Femininity isn’t just lipstick and frilly dresses, it is also female genital mutilation, being the target of male violations and violence and being seen as subhuman. It’s not a fun game you can play, it is forced on us since the day we were born and the only thing it does is keeping us in line so that men can keep on being the ruling class.” (source)

Ah so that is why some of them (especially Sheila Jeffreys, Cathy Brennan and Janice Raymond) present to the world as very masculine because apparently being feminine is a tool of a patriarchy because you know, woman can’t have their own tastes, likes and interests – we’re all just brainwashed victims of the patriarchy.

And lastly too show how strong and mighty the TERF brigade is at boycotting an event designed as a safe space for all women – they did what they do best, attempted to scaremonger people. Placing people in a state of fear for a political gain is called terrorism.

This is sadly not the first sad thing and probably not the last sad thing TERFs will do in the name of their extremist radical feminism and that’s exactly what it is. Fringe feminism, which is why they constantly scream “TERF is a slur” because they don’t want or can’t recognise their brand of feminism isn’t the thought patterns of everyone else. Remember kids, if your feminism isn’t inclusive – it shouldn’t be considered feminism. You know why? because women come in all shapes, sizes and colours and only advocating equality for the women you care about rather than all women makes you no better than the people who oppress you.


I guess the TERFs didn’t want too come to the afterparty.

Update: Surgically created vaginas are fuckholes but if you have a vagina since birth it isn’t? That is just plain offensive. Especially considering TERFs fight against objectification except it seems when trans women are involved. They’re just holes created to be fucked or some shit. Completely dehumanising.


TERFs are gross.

TERFs are lesbians who picketed a lesbian pride march.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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