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More reasons I’m not a theist

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never ever be arrogant enough to be a theist. I’m simply incapable of getting my head around the thought that the entire universe with all its galaxies and planets was built entirely for one species – humans.

I can’t get my head around people who are so desperate to feel special that they hear voices in their heads and attribute it to a higher power talking to them Or so they can walk around with a sense of superiority because they have an invisible and powerful friend that speaks to them and tells them things. A friend that is the central character in a book written for one species thousands of years ago, a book that has been translated into many different languages yet somehow has never ever lost any data or mistranslated anything, a book that has a character that is supposedly all knowing, all seeing and all forgiving.

A perfect all knowing, all seeing, all forgiving character who loves you and speaks to you and wants to be your friend? Sounds too good to be true.

Except when the times he is not. How can he be all knowing when he gets angry over us sinning? Wouldn’t he know we were going to sin with the free will he gave us? If he was all seeing, wouldn’t he see the sin coming? If he was all forgiving then why do we need to beg for forgiveness and repent? Why did the god character create hell? Why is he so intent on controlling the masses with his rules and demands of praise?

I’m also not directionless enough to be a theist. I don’t need a book written thousands of years ago by illiterate sheep herders in the desert to inform me how to live my life. I certainly don’t need a book to inform the people around me how I think they should be living their lives.

I couldn’t be a theist because that would mean I would have to create an invisible character in my head that I attribute all my wins in life to (but call the fails “tests”) rather than attributing them to the individuals that actually deserve it.

If I was a theist, you can be sure that I would either have to:

A) create this invisible character in my head to have exactly the same morals and beliefs I have (If I hate black people then it will hate black people – Authors note: I don’t hate black people) because it would be easier to believe that it is real. Ignoring the parts of the holy book I won’t read fully will help me reinforce my view that my character is just like me.


B) be indoctrinated since birth to believe that the character in my mind already believes things like “poor people are going to hell” so I would have to create reasons as to why the character believes those things. This serves to make me feel okay about that character believing those things so I don’t have to admit that character is a jerk. For example: “poor people are bad so that’s why they are going to hell”.


C) create the character to be everything I need it to be to make me feel better. If to feel better I need an all knowing, all loving, all forgiving friend who loves me no matter what, who forgives me for all my fuck ups and knows exactly what is going on in a world full of chaos and random acts – then I will create the character to be exactly that. If I need a character who hates everyone I hate and who judges those people so I can feel better about hating others and judging them then I will create a character than reflects that.

But luckily I’m not a theist because that shit just seems all too hard.

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