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Questions for people against same sex marriage

Once again there are morons on Twitter who deserve to be mocked relentlessly because they seem to think their public forum discussions are protected by free speech and by “free speech” they think no-one can disagree with them.

Yeah well, when your general arguments are lower than your shoe size, mocking is all I have because logic sure as shit doesn’t work on these people.

Last night I attempted to get an individual to explain exactly why they felt gays should not allowed to be married, he of course was already married which told me judging by his easily refutable arguments that the crux of his belief was more “I want straight people to keep marriage all for themselves because I want special rights for straight people” much in the same vein most bigots want marriage kept between straight people.

Both arguments are poor and disregard the fact marriage has never been about sexuality, it’s about the sex of the parties involved and the number. Two bisexual people can get married providing they are of the opposite sex. People also seem to forget the age old “let’s not redefine marriage” become a null argument when interracial marriage became legal and men could no longer trade sheep and cattle for farmers daughters.

Now the thinly veiled” special rights for straight people” argument is made up of two components. 1) They think heterosexual couples are superior and 2) if gays can get married, people will no longer look at your wedding ring and assume you’re in a heterosexual relationship which reduces the argument to “I don’t want gays to get married because if they can get married, people may assume I’m gay“.

Faced with this idiocy I’m proposing a number of questions to people who are against same sex marriage:

1) If marriage is about procreating and raising children, why are childfree couples, sterile couples and the elderly allowed to marry?
2) In what way will same sex marriage devalue opposite sex marriage (answer without referring to special rights for opposite sex couples or the bible).
3) If same sex marriage denies a child a mother and father and you consider this a bad thing – should single people be banned from raising children? The existence of single parent families and same sex families proves that a mother and father family don’t need to exist in order for children to be happy and healthy.
4) If the institution of marriage is so sacred – why isn’t divorceil legal in Western countries?
5) If same sex marriage is only about sex and emotion – what is opposite sex marriage about?
6) If you believe we should only have civil unions and be grateful – will you trade your marriage for my civil union since it is good enough? If not, why is it good enough for same sex couples but not for opposite sex couples?
7) If marriage is a religious institution, why hasn’t secular marriage been banned in Western countries?
8) If religious organisations oppose same sex marriage – why are there plenty of churches in New York who are marrying same sex couples?
9) If churches, synagogues, mosques and temples will be forced to solemnize same sex marriages – why don’t the same sex marriage laws in New York or any other place where same sex marriage is legalised, state that all churches and religious organisations must solemnize same sex marriages?
10) If same sex marriage will lead to incest marriage laws – why is incest already legal in countries where same sex marriage is not?
11) If same sex marriage will lead to paedophilia, bestiality and incest marriage laws – why hasn’t opposite sex marriage lead to those things?
12) If you believe opposite sex marriage benefits society and same sex marriage does not – how does opposite sex marriage benefit society (answer without referring to “raising children” or “procreation” because you don’t need to be married or a couple to do those things)


13) How does a same sex couple getting married and having the rights and protections you already have, effect you in anyway?


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33 Responses to Questions for people against same sex marriage

  1. Rubber Duckie says:

    I am genuinely interested, what sort of mental illness do you suffer from? On another vein, thank you for maintaining this blog. I can now point friends and acquaintances to an online example of homosexualist propaganda. Keep up the good work!

    • Rayne says:

      This from a person who calls themselves Rubber Duckie. Thanks for being a textbook example of a misinformed indoctrinated moron who justifies their bigotry for their fellow humans with their stupidity!

      I’m guessing by “homosexualist propaganda” you mean “teaching acceptance, love and equality for people who are different” and helping youth who need support rather than spreading hate..than yes.

      I’ve also noticed that you haven’t been able to answer any of my questions. You should at least attempt them.


      • Rubber Duckie says:

        Yep. Some psychopathy there, a touch of narcissism. Certainly, and predictably, coprolalia comes through a fair bit.

        By homosexualist propaganda I mean precisely that. An ideology which holds that society must approve and promote your way of life, not merely accept it. ‘Hate’ to the likes of you is when someone does not acquiesce and submits to this ideology.

        By the way, it’s not that I am not ‘able’ to answer your argument points, posed as questions. It’s just that they have been rebutted so many times over the years that you must be quite an ignorant individual not to have met with any such rebuttals.


    • Metz says:

      We are coming for your children… Soon they will be indoctrinated into our cult of listening to Lady Gaga on repeat, donning themselves in glitter- the war paint of our people, and worshipping our lord and master, Ellen DeGeneres.

      Submission to the Homosexual doctrine is the only option. My name is Legion. For we are many. Resistance is futile.

      • Rubber Duckie says:

        Legion, I mean ‘Metz’, here’s how a colleague of yours puts it instead.

        “Legislative victory should not mean identity erasure. There remain numerous sexual freedoms to campaign on – yes sexual – that’s what gay rights is about, not merely a civil rights campaign – and there are battles still to be won. Battles relating to pornography, the continued criminalisation of consensual sexual acts, re-constructing our ideas of relationships in relation to sex, monogamy and the illusion that only ‘couples’ might want to enter into a state-sanctioned partnership, are just a handful which spring to mind. The marriage Bill should be welcomed, but it is not the end of the journey, or the final piece in a jigsaw. It is just another step – albeit a significant one- on a never-ending journey.”
        [Chris Ashford “Comment: The same-sex marriage bill isn’t the end of the journey towards gay rights”, PinkNews, 25 Jan 2013]

        • The Pinstriped Aspie says:

          Don’t be silly. Gay people are going to have sex whether they’re married or not. marriage is as mundane a symbol of unity as it ever was, and the only people making a big deal out of it are religious sycophants who give a shit what other people’s sex lives are like. Maybe it’s the result of sheltered lives or repressed sexual health, who knows, but whatever it is, even if it was just about sex, why the fuck should that make a lick of difference or be anybody’s business but the couple involved in the marriage?

          • Rayne says:

            Pretty sure the only thing that will change if gay marriage is legalised is – gays will get married! How that impacts on anyone elses life is beyond me. My aunt got married recently for the fourth time, the only way it effected me was that the cake tasted like dry flour.

          • rubber duckie says:

            You’re ridiculous. But I do note that your strategy is to use profanities in the hope that people will lower themselves to your level. Maybe you’re this person – your demeanor is so very similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1bO45C9AtQ&feature=player_embedded

          • Rayne says:

            Ah yes, the “You swore therefore I win” argument.

            You *still* haven’t answered any of our questions nor the questions on the blog.

            1. How do gays marrying affect you?
            2. How do gays marrying affect society?

            The burden of proof is on you. You have claimed (in your emails to me) gays marrying would affect society and being gay is a mental illness therefore it is up to you to provide proof for your claims.

          • The Pinstriped Aspie says:

            Yeah, not buying it. Your focus on my language instead of addressing the argument means nothing except that you have no legitimate counter. I used that language on purpose to see how you respond to it – and with typical lack-of-argument-with-merit style, you went straight for the language, as I suspected. Thanks for playing, but you’re out of credit.

          • Rubberised duckie says:

            Still not able to articulate any arguments whatsoever, just pumping out the normal homosexualist rhetoric, I see. As for ‘burden of proof’, did you provide any for the statements you made in the blog entry? Take just one example, where you claim that heterosexuals ‘feel superior’ – how the heck did you arrive at that brilliant conclusion? It just, sort of, came to you?
            So unless you and your fan boiz/grlz can formulate an evidenced argument that merits scrutiny and discussion, then you’re likely to meet with sarcasm, you hateful heterophobes. If you’re in Australia, what frigging rights are you being denied – that you can’t have your domestic partnerships stamped officially as ‘marriage’? Marriage is a the word used for the life-long union between a woman and a man, it’s a word with a specific meaning, you twats. Just like ‘gay’ means a specific thing, yet you lot decided to force a different meaning on the rest of the society. So give evidence, then demand to be taken seriously.

          • Rayne says:

            Now you’re trolling.

            For someone who says we can’t answer questions, you haven’t answered a single one of ours.

  2. Shell says:

    Rubber Duckie do you actually have any idea of the euphanism for your name ??? Clearly not, If you did you would not have embarrased yourself by commenting on a blog where there is a clear, concise and logical arguement for same sex marriage. Why don’t you go back to the cave you crawled out of and leave the comments and arguments to someone with half a brain.

    • Rubber Duckie says:

      I take it you mean euphemism? In my cave it is used to describe these kinds of things: http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?RubberDucking
      Obviously, in your slimy cave illiteracy is the norm. I say this not only in view of what your comment attempts to communicate (sort of, “Ha, ha he said ‘butt'”), but also in view of the intended substance for the comment. If you think that this blog makes a “clear, concise and logical arguement for same sex marriage”, then your capacity for reason must’ve been seriously affected by sniffing the product for the company your name advertises. So I am happy to leave this tête-à-tête to someone with a half brain.

      Lol, just lol.

      • The Pinstriped Aspie says:

        If you think you have a cogent argument against marriage equality, then lets hear it instead of this rhetorical pandering to your personal penchant for insult and humiliation. You may think you’re smart, but the main reason I’m an atheist is because I can see through illusion.

        • rubber duckie says:

          You can see through illusion? Wow! So then an illusion is not really an illusion, because if it is, then it won’t be, even if you can see it in order to see through it? Amazing intellect there. Rest assured, I wouldn’t dare contradict you on the views you hold on marriage, let alone risk challenging your notion of equality!

          • The Pinstriped Aspie says:

            Awesome, sarcasm. Again, very articulate < see? I can be sarcastic too. You're not proving anything except your own wilful ignorance.

          • Rayne says:

            I’m still waiting on actual answers from Mr Duckie.

      • Robyn Elliot says:

        Clever turns of phrase, dry wit channeled into sniping barbs; prissy posturing in lieu of an unstated argument render irrelevant by the inexorable tide of history propelled by vox populi of an increasingly enlightened electorate: your posts smack of whining. Opine and spin as you might, you share a common goal with the lowliest drunken sod of a homophobe. Cheers!

        • rubber duckie says:

          Did that hurt? It sounds like a really painful rush. I recommend rubbing some ‘Heterophobia soothing cream’ – though I suspect it isn’t really effective in cases of entrenched infections.

  3. Shell says:

    Wow Rubber Duckie,

    If your the epitome of someone thats straight, no wonder I am gay.

    I’m going out on a limb now and guessing your a middle aged middle class male, possibly 1 – 2 divorces under your belt, maybe now a Thai bride?

    Given your obvious joy in insulting people, I’m sure there’s a little DV mixed in there as well. If not physical definately, emotional.

    Given your hyperlink, obviously spends too much time on front of a computer (probably your only friend and company).

    Is this hurting yet???

    Maybe a closet gay that’s never accepted thier sexuality so needs to vilify those who are?

    Maybe mommy/daddy didn’t love you enough? Or better still maybe one of them came out later in life and you’ve never forgiven them?

    OR better still your just a low life human being that gets their kicks by being an arsehole?

    Whatever and whoever you are, the only thing you have proven with your comments is that you truly are a sarcastic waste of space.

    Please crawl back into your cave, the world doesn’t need people like you.

  4. we're {not} having a baby says:

    Ultimately, who cares what the holdouts think? The tide is turning and same-sex marriage will be a reality in most places in the not so distant future.

    Go Maine! :-)

    • Rayne says:

      Australia has a long way to go unfortunately.

      More states in America have same sex marriage than Australia actually has states.

      • Rubberised duckie says:

        Again with the vacuous statements. So explain what ‘a long way to go’ means, exactly. Or will you now demand that the demand of proof is on those who are somewhat skeptical of your statement?

        • Rayne says:

          Long way to go: To get the same social, instuitional, governmental and family acceptance and legal recognition as hetereosexual people.

    • Rubberised duckie says:

      ‘holdouts’? thanks, a new term to add to my bag of homosexualised language. So I believe there are 31 states of ‘holdouts’ over there, huh?

      • Rayne says:

        Are you in the closet by any chance? No-one has this much anti-gay sentiments unless they hate themselves or have deep seated issues. Did a gay person hit on you? Did a lesbian reject you?

  5. Shell says:

    lol, just lol. Rayne 😉

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