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Religious fundamentalists are spoiled children

I’ve been busy lately but not busy enough to find some facebook relaxing time.
Facebook is neither relaxing nor productive so I’ve discovered. Facebook is the home of the fail. Namely this fail.

The article starts out with the following oxymoron:

The Prime Minister has assured conservative faith-based institutions that they’ll still be able to turn away gays and lesbians under proposed new anti-discrimination laws.

Did you read that? I did. Faiths can turn away people based on their sexuality under the new anti-discrimination laws. Correct me if I’m wrong but discrimination means unfavourable treatment towards a person or persons based on an attribute or affiliation with a community. According to the Australian Federal Human Rights Commission’s definition of discrimination as set under the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986:

  1. any distinction, exclusion or preference made on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin that has the effect of nullifying or impairing equality of opportunity or treatment in employment or occupation; and 
  2. (b) any other distinction, exclusion or preference that:
  3. (i) has the effect of nullifying or impairing equality of opportunity or treatment in employment or occupation; and
  4. (ii) has been declared by the regulations to constitute discrimination for the purposes of this Act

So by definition the statement “be able to turn away gays and lesbians” and “under new anti-discrimination laws” is an oxymoron. If you can legally turn someone away by a law than it can’t be called an anti-discrimination law. There is no protection for gays and lesbians under this new proposed law that is meant to protect them from discrimination by religious organisations based on their sexuality instead it protects the religious organisations.

Next statement:

“Under current law, government funded religious schools and hospitals have the privilege to turn away teachers and students from their institutions for not sharing their beliefs.”

Previously under this law religious organisations such as schools and hospitals had the legal privilege (note the use of the term privilege in the article – privilege implies that simply because the organisation is religious they get an elite piece of legislation. coughspecialrightscough) to turn away teachers and students for not sharing their beliefs. So anyone who was working for them that wasn’t of their faith or their particular brand of faith. Lets not forget the Catholic teacher who was fired for having a baby using artificial insemination. She was Catholic, just not the schools particular model of Catholic. Same brand, different model. Because she used IVF. And now religious organisations are not only going to have the legal rights to fire people for not being the same model as them in their brand of religion but they can now actively discriminate against gays and lesbians based on their sexuality.

Seriously? Why the fuck does Julie Gillard and the world keep pandering to these spoiled children? Because that’s what they are – spoiled children. The world has spent so long pandering and saying yes to religious fundamentalists that they are now used to getting away with whatever they want and if someone tells them to behave – they cry and throw a tantrum. We live in a world in which we are the mother who historically couldn’t say “No” to their naughty child. So now when we say “No” to said naughty child, the child throws a tantrum.

She has no intention of restricting freedom of religion,” says Wallace in regards to the legal rights of religious groups when hiring and firing.

I don’t think “freedom of religion” means what you think it means. What is it with religious people hiding behind “freedom of religion” to do whatever the fuck they want? Freedom of religion means the freedom to have and to hold a religion. It means you have the freedom to have faith. It means the freedom to enter into a religion and to leave one. It does not mean do whatever the fuck you want while using your religion as an excuse to do it.

Business and organisaitons in Australia are governed under anti-discrimination laws in regards to hiring and firing – what exactly makes religious organisations so special? I don’t see the distinction. Does this mean if I hold a belief that a flying teapot in the sky made the entire universe and said that redheaded people should not work with people of other hair colours, that I should be legally allowed to not hire anyone with red hair? Why do people with beliefs in supernatural claptrap written in a book that they can’t claim has any accuracy or validity, get away with clearly discriminating against people when the rest of us can’t?

It’s time for the world to stop pandering to religious fundamentalists and start telling them that their behaviour is unacceptable. Religious fundamentalists tell me that I am intolerant of them. Yes I am. I am intolerant of their intolerant behaviour. I will not stand by and tolerate my fellow human beings being discriminated against and then be told that I have to tolerant it because those that are doing the discriminating have supernatural beliefs. That’s as stupid as the time I was told in high school that I needed to tolerate being called a sinner and a faggot from fundamentalists because that’s what they believed.

It’s as stupid as telling a person with a disability that they had to tolerate discriminatory behaviour from someone because that someone believed all people with disabilities should be locked away in institutions. I don’t have to tolerate someone’s shitty belief or opinion if it directly harms or damages another in anyway.

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