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The TERF brigade changes the meaning of consent

Trigger warning: The following screenshot features transphobia, lies, appeals to emotion, scaremongering and is generally insulting to people who have common decency and decorum.

seriously wtf?

I can’t say I’m surprised at this sort of baseless assertion, countless others have been spewing some pretty vile and nasty stuff for a long time.

Today I want to examine the above screenshot in particular due to its extremely derogatory nature.

Cathy Brennan asserts that every time a person tells a lesbian (or I guess the world at large) that a trans woman is a woman – you support the continuation of corrective rape.

As I’ve already discussed (here and here) the radfem/TERF brigade can’t or won’t see that trans women are women. Gender does not exist. The sex that you are assigned is the be all end all and gender dysphoria doesn’t exist because gender is entirely a social construct. Obviously due to this line of thinking, the radfem/TERF brigade deny that Intersexed people exist because ambiguous genitalia fucks up all the justifications for their bigotry.

According to this line of thinking, all trans women are cisgendered straight males (especially those who call themselves lesbians but TERFs often disregard those who are heterosexual trans women) therefore if you tell a lesbian that trans women are actually women, lesbians might want to have sex with them and they’ll get raped because apparently consensual sex cannot happen when dealing with trans people. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I can’t find anything that resembles logic in that statement.

The term “corrective rape” is defined as a hate crime often perpetrated against lesbians in an attempt to change their sexuality to heterosexual via rape. The use of the term “corrective rape” in Cathy Brennan’s statement – implies that she believes that trans women who have sex with cisgendered women (especially lesbians) are doing so in an attempt to correctively rape them and change their sexuality to heterosexual.

The lack of logic in this statement falls down for several reasons:

    1. The assumption that trans women force themselves onto cislesbians is purely anecdotal. The assumption that all cislesbians aren’t willing to have transwomen as sexual/relationship partners is based on subjective opinion.
    2. Some trans women don’t want to have penises – why would they use them for sex? Some are okay with their bodies. What trans women and their partner do is none of anyone’s business
    3. If trans women don’t want to or can’t use their penises (by way of hormonal changes) – the hypothetical “corrective rape” scenario that Cathy Brennan posits would only be possible by fingers, fists and inanimate objects.
    4. But wait! radfems and TERF’s don’t believe that anyone can rape but men (with their penises). If Cathy Brennan agrees that her hypothetical rape scenario was perpetrated by fingers fists and inanimate objects – the radfem and TERF fallacy that women cannot commit rape falls on its head.
    5. Cathy Brennan argues that sex with trans women equates to “corrective rape” completely disregarding the concept of consent. Way to disregard the ability of people to consent to sex.

So if I were to consent to have sex with a trans woman (regardless of where she is on her transitional journey) it would be rape. My consensual sexual intimacy would be rape. Rape is nonconsensual sex against another person. Key word “Nonconsensual”. Further to that, my consensual sexual activity would be an attempt to turn me heterosexual. Because apparently consent doesn’t matter.

The mind boggles.

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15 Responses to The TERF brigade changes the meaning of consent

  1. kiwi_n_aussie says:

    Radical feminism is toxic.

    ” My consensual sexual intimacy would be rape. Rape is nonconsensual sex against another person. Key word “Nonconsensual”. ”

    I think radfems don’t see individuals, they see a version of Marxist classes, one class oppresses another class – men oppress women as a class. So individual freewill/autonomy/actions kind of just fade out in their minds leaving them making what seems to non indoctrinated individuals childishly nonsensical statements.

    There is lots of problems with Feminism overall, it would be smarter if women just returned to basic Liberal Pluralism for a philosophical foundation.

  2. Rayne says:

    Exactly! These types of “feminists” don’t base any of their ideology in logic or reasoning – there’s no empirical evidence of any kind. It’s scaremongering and baseless lies. They are using fear and hatred to gain followers.

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  4. Sharon says:

    Vile, just vile. I will never, ever understand how you can call yourself a feminist, and actively hate and dehumanize trans folks.
    They’re human beings ffs, humans that are near the bottom of the privilege ladder too.

    BTW I’m loving your blog.

    • Rayne says:

      I can’t understand how any TERF can call themselves a feminist when it is clear that they don’t want to protect women – they want to police us.

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  11. Q says:

    It seems like Bug Brennan is saying that being a lesbian = automatically consenting to have sex with every woman.

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