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TERF HUB: Resources for those who want to learn what Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism is really about

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but now that I have the time, I present to you: TERF Hub. TERF Hub is the counter-part to the infamous “Radfem Hub” except this has a focus on Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

TERF Hub was an idea I had during my investigations into TERF ideology. I wanted to create a space where all the great articles and blogs I have found around the Internet from trans people and their allies could be housed. A central hub to find everything about what TERFism actually is about and how the extremist group affects the trans community.

Note: If anyone has any articles or sites they want me too add – please list them in the comments section.

In the beginning: The history of the TERF movement and trans healthcare and where the term TERF originated from.

A list of great blogs and articles by the trans community: It’s a great place to start when wanting to know more about trans experiences.

Sarah Brown’s Blog
A trans coming out letter
I knew I was a girl at 8

What TERF ideology really means:
Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism: What Exactly Is It, And Why Does It Hurt? – A kickarse article from Kelsie Jones talking about TERFism and the underlying framework of the movement.

TERFs are the new Westboro Baptist Church – Fallon Fox uncovers the similarities between the fundamentalist gay hate group WBC and the TERF movement.

How far will lesbian TERFs go to eradicate trans people? Pretty far. One lesbian worked alongside a fundamentalist Christian group that advocates gay conversion therapy in order to get a trans youth expelled from school.

The same transphobic lesbian gets kicked out of a gay bar for being transphobic although she tries to say she was kicked out for being a lesbian.

Rational Wiki has an article on TERFism.

Debunking TERF ideology:
UnCommon Sense refutes Sheila Jeffreys false assertions about the trans community on BBC radio (transcript included).

You might be a TERF if – A list of the most common characteristics of a TERF and the movement.

Transgender women in women’s restrooms: A purely imagined harm – A response to the popular TERF trans bathroom panic.

Cristan takes down the TERF conspiracy that trans women run groups that train other trans women on how to rape cisgender lesbians. She also responds to the tendency for TERFs to use one trans person committing a crime as a representation for all trans people.

Seven Transphobic Tropes Debunked – Monica debunks seven of the popular TERF tropes about the trans community. Theterfs.com has a section dedicated to deconstructing and debunking TERF lies.

On “Passing” as a woman – Dana explains why the concept of passing for trans people is not as positive as one may think.

[CENSORED BY TERFS] When the hate becomes personal: my experience with TERF harassment – Dana speaks about her experiences with harassment from Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

Zoe takes down a TERFs explanation of being cis and why cis is not a slur.

Leela writes a great response to the recent transphobic article in the New Yorker and so does Mari.

Tina uncovers to TERF tendency to out trans women to their employers without consent and rally against having legal protection for gender identity under the law.

Why I am scientifically not male – Natalie debunks the “men = penis, woman ‘vagina” idea in one page.

It’s Time For People to Stop Using the Social Construct of “Biological Sex” to Defend Their Transmisogyny – Using debunked science as a scapegoat for transmisogyny, Mey lets us know why it’s a shit thing to do.

Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox Respond Flawlessly To Katie Couric’s Invasive Questions – Katie Couric thought it was acceptable to ask intimate questions about genitalia on her show, Laverne and Carmen respond amazingly. Would you like some ice for that burn Katie?

Amy tracks TERF Cathy Brennan’s activities and responds to the lies promoted by TERFs and so does Lucian.

The Human Rights Campaign finally takes on Michfest, The infamous transphobic music festival.

The hate group masquerading as feminists – Samantha calls out TERFs for what they really are.

Roz likens TERFs to a cult, it’s pretty easy to see why she does.

Lucian discusses why Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists aren’t really that radical and tackles the transphobia of Victoria Brownworth.

Sherrie addresses how TERFs have the characteristics of a hate group.

Answers from trans people about trans issues:
Why Do Trans Women Transition in a Sexist Society? – Veronica explains why trans people transition despite living in a society with transphobia

Trans Etiquette 101: No Offense, But That’s Offensive – Sebastian pens a list of what is acceptable to ask a trans person and what is down right rude.

Our clothed bodies are not yours to strip bare – C.N. Lester lets the wider population know they aren’t entitled to demand access to trans peoples just because they are curious or ignorant.

Transmisogyny is Misogyny Against All Women – The title is self explanatory. Asher explains why transmisogyny is misogyny against all women.

Asking the Question: When Public Interrogation of Trans Women’s Bodies Turns into Open Sexualized Violence – Savannah discuss violence against the trans community.

Trans* 101: Misconceptions – Another great article on the misconceptions about trans people.


Shameless self promotion and what I have discovered about TERF ideology:
Keep politics out of my sexuality – My first encounter with the TERF movement. Regardless of whether you choose your sexuality or not – I still maintain it shouldn’t be used as a weapon against others. Especially if you’re calling for women to choose to be lesbians and then turning around and saying trans women choose to change sex so they should choose to stay the sex they were born.
TERF ideology: One big logical fail – My first real article on TERF ideology. It was pretty easy to refute their claims even from the get go.
Unpacking TERF arguments – I’d been tangling with a few TERFs and talking to trans people about common TERF arguments for a little bit when I wrote this. The more I researched, the more I found TERF arguments similar to conspiracy theories.
In which TERFs change the meaning of the word consent – It was pretty clear to me by now that TERFs were similar to fundamentalists in the sense they needed to twist facts to suit their preconceived conclusions.
In defence of the Cotton Ceiling – One of the most often parroted lines by TERFs is “that is rapey”, they do like to call anything they don’t like “rapey”. Here is my take on the TERF trope of “trans women just want to force themselves on me and that’s why they shouldn’t be allowed in women’s only spaces”.
Laura Jane Grace vs TERFs – When Laura Grace from Against Me! found herself in the middle of a TERF pile on, it uncovered a little more about how TERFs view the world. Namely their views on pregnancy (it’s violence against women), how heterosexuality doesn’t exists – it’s just brainwashing by men and how women aren’t really in control of their lives. Pretty spooky shit.
Mens Rights Activists vs Radfems – The similarities between the two groups are uncanny.
When hate becomes ideology – #genderweek was a trending topic on Twitter that was started by TERFs. In which TERFs say they believe the existence of trans women somehow erases women.
TERFs don’t understand basic feminist theory – A hilarious conversation between TERFs trying to figure out if straight women have privilege over lesbians. Featuring commentary by myself, Sarah Brown.
A brief introduction as to how TERFs erase violence against women to further their hatred.
Dear radical feminists (Who don’t like trans women): Thank You – My open letter to TERFs rehashing the things their ideology has taught me.
And suddenly penises everywhere – TERFs started a trending topic on Twitter entitled “NoUnexpectedPenises” an attempt to bring back the “No trans women in women’s bathrooms”  thing. I take the opportunity to ask TERFs how would they know if a trans people is in the some bathroom as them without using gender stereotypes.
Lesbian TERFs attempted to boycott a lesbian pride march because said march was trans inclusive – Enough said. Just let that one sink in for a minute. Lesbian protesting a lesbian pride march for being inclusive.
The TERF lifescript for how to be a woman – In which I take a dig at terf ideology. They don’t like femininity or dresses. Here is a run down of how TERF really want women to act and dress.
What TERFs really mean when they say they want to abolish gender – What the end goal of TERFism really means.
On the “dispute” between radical feminism and trans people – Juliet gives a trans perspective on radfems.

Sites that track TERF activity so you know who to avoid:
Trans Critical Feminism is Hate SpeechTERFWatch
Monitoring TERF infiltration of the Feminist movement
Gender Identity Watch Watcher
Lesbians and Feminists Against Transphobia

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  2. Lisa says:

    2016 Update from here in Australia. The right wing religious groups are foaming at the mouth over and anti LGBTI bullying campaign called Safe Schools and Marriage Equality.

    And their closest, right out in the open allies? Australian TERFs…Australia is TERF central, Jefferys was at the Uni of Melbourne for decades, many of our universities and media are full of them. Heck even a Liberal (our conservative party) MP quoted Sheila Jeffreys in a debate over legal gender changes….

    There are, based on their own public statements the positions of Australian Raymondists (maybe a better term than TERF because they sure are not feminists) :

    Anti Safe Schools, anti-marriage equality, anti-HPV vax (some are total anti-vaxxers), anti-IVF, anti- chemical contraception or abortion (RU-486, morning after pills, contraceptive implants, etc), some like Greer even totally anti the Pill and abortion.
    Anti non Male or Female legal gender markers such as an ‘X” (intersex can F.O. as far as they are concerned)…amazing given their endless mantra of ‘abolish gender’ …well except don’t really.
    Anti-sex workers and of course anti trans women..

    So how different are they to ‘christian’ right wingers like our Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) ? Not a lot at all.

    In fact they work closely together, quite openly, against such things as marriage equality and Safe Schools. Quoting and re-quoting each other, heck we just had a Liberal (our conservative party) MP quoting Sheila Jeffreys no less against a bill to allow gender identity changes without needing GRS.

    Janice Raymond and Cathy Brennan quoting Caroline Norma of RMIT leaping to defend Lyle Shelton (head of the ACL) from LGBTI doyen Prof Karryn Phelps.
    Caroline Norma Retweeted Prof Kerryn Phelps

    – Prof Kerryn Phelps‏@drkerrynphelps “We’re onto @Lyleshelton deliberately conflating marriage with procreation. Wrong century #qanda”

    – Caroline responds: “and we’re onto the pro-surrogacy aims of the faux progressive gay marriage advocates”

    – Prof Kerryn Phelps “The deliberate conflation of #marriageequality and surrogacy is sly but transparent. Separate issues”

    – Caroline Norma “In that case I’ll look forward to seeing a strong stmt from you against surrogacy @drkerrynphelps @LyleShelton”

    Note the “we’re’ bit….

    And this lovely bit:
    Mornings with Steve Austin 012 ABC Brisbane. 13 Oct 2015.
    Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby,
    And her ” she is a good friend of mine, a radical feminist, a lesbian” Caroline Norma from RMIT.
    Tag teaming each other telling falsehoods about Safe Schools and the associated organisations like Minus 18.

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