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In which TERFs show they don’t understand the basics of feminist theory

Trigger Warning: Trans*phobia, transmisogyny, cissexism, rape, assault, violence, harassment.

You know what is sad? Truly sad?

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists trying to figure out whether straight privilege exists.

The lovely Sarah Brown has a great blog piece on why this is possibly the most ironic thing to hit the Internet since gay republicans first started coming out of the woodwork. I thought I would provide you, dear readers with some screenshots to better explain why the entire concept of TERFs attempting to figure out straight privilege is so fucking ridiculous.

Remember dear readers, as Sarah mentioned in her blog, TERFs ironically (ironic in the sense that they want to stop the policing of women (cisgender women) by policing women) divide the world into two – the oppressed population (being females – based on a persons genitals) and the oppressor population (being males – based on a person genitals). TERFs actively ignore the concept of the Kyriarchy – that is, the ability for an individual to be both privileged and oppressed at the same time based on different aspects of who they are.

GenderCrit got in on their first go. “Straight privilege” is packaged the same as “Cisgender privilege” because both mean the same thing, both sets of groups get privileges associated with being straight or cis (or straight and cis) over people who are not straight or cis or both.

30+ Examples of Straight Privilege in the US outlines straight privilege very clearly.
30+ Examples of Cis Privilege outlines cis privilege very clearly.

Well shite, they’re making progress. Straight women have different experiences based on being straight. For one, they won’t get discriminated on the grounds of being straight. They will get access to their opposite sex partner in hospitals in all regions of the world, they can freely get married anywhere they want, expressing public displays of affection towards your partner won’t get them killed or beaten, they’ll never have to hear “Your relationship isn’t real”, their sexuality will never be boiled down to “a phase”, they’ll never get asked about how their sex lives work or have their ability to raise children questioned. Let’s see if they mention any of the above points.

And this is where the analysis falls down. TERFs are transphobic first and foremost. TERFs can only see male and female – oppressor and oppressed. So anything outside of that arena is foreign territory. What about homophobia against gays and lesbians by straight men and women? If the world equals only males can oppress females and females are only ever an oppressed population – where does that leave lesbians and homophobia? Lesbians are females who are oppressed for being lesbians, so does that mean the straight female population has privilege over them? Rayne says Yes.

Oh look at them struggle. Seriously it’s painful to watch. They didn’t mention any of the points I made above featured in the 30+ Examples of Straight Privilege in the US even though there are plenty of examples of how straight people have privilege over gay people. No, they go back to their original thesis of Male = oppressors, Female = oppressed and even then they don’t get it. Lesbians get correctively raped – that is true but it all falls down when they try to keep it within the confines of the Male/Female/Oppressor/Oppressed model. If only lesbians get correctively raped and straight women don’t, this means straight women have some privilege over lesbians which TERFs can’t fathom because it means cis privilege would exist. It would mean straight privilege is packaged exactly like cis privilege is packaged in academic thought because they both exist. It would mean more than one axis of oppression and would mean oppression would be 3 dimensional and not linear.

So to keep within their own limited model of thinking, straight women get correctively raped to become “straighter” (which apparently means more feminine and obedient to men) and all women are a little queer and gender non-conforming (which apparently means not feminine and not obedient to men).

It must be hard being a TERF, constantly having to spin your bigotry into something that doesn’t make you look bigoted. All the theory and concepts they have to outright ignore all in the pursuit of eradicating trans people. Remember readers, we can’t say TERFs are attempting to eradicate trans people, that might make them sound like a pack of arseholes – they’re simply just protecting women, cisgender women by abolishing gender but keeping gendered pronouns for women and by telling women how to act and what to do with their lives. Also the concept of cisgender doesn’t exist except when they use it to refer to people who aren’t transgender because they’ve got to the point where they can’t deny transgender people exist, they just deny the legitimacy of trans experience and spin gender dysphoria as socially taught.

If TERFs were to think a little harder about their own ideology – they would need to admit they have some privilege in this world.

And I think that would scare the shit out of them.

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