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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Rayne


The 9 People Who Hate Your Childfreedom

I didn’t write this myself; it was posted here. It was posted in response to this.

1. Martyr-Moo Martha – She was probably a huge pain in the ass long before she spawned. Now that she has given birth, she is the ONLY person who ever did this great, earth-shattering event. Her child was a “miracle,” the 12 regularly scheduled periods before the miracle were really miscarriages that weren’t diagnosed, she had the worst pregnancy ever, the worst labor and delivery ever, and now that she has spawned, her child undoubtedly has many special needs, is ill-behaved, and goes everywhere children shouldn’t. Of course, she constantly tells everyone within earshot all of this. She gives up everything for her child and expects everyone else to give up everything for her child. She is always broke but has plenty of money to spend on fertility treatments as she is trying to conceive.

2. I-Can-Have-It-All Ida – She bought into the idea that kids were all darling cooing babies and sweet-faced toddlers who would fit seamlessly into her non-child friendly lifestyle. Now she is pissed that this wasn’t true and wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is.

3. Puritanical-Poo Patty – She expects the whole world to be G-rated. She polices the conversation all around her, lest little ears hear something they shouldn’t. Spell the S-E-X word and her head will explode, but she will talk long and loud about poop and bodily discharges; both her own and her kids’.

4. Fuck-You Fanny – She has to put up with her demon spawn, so you should not only tolerate but worship her demon spawn. If you don’t make it point to tell her how darling/adorable/perfect her child is at least 50 times an hour, you are a child-hater.

5. Had-A-Career Hattie – A combination of Martyr-Moo and I-Can-Have-It-All Ida. She used to have a high-powered career and “gave it up for the good of the child.” However, she finds motherhood to be a tedious bore but goes out of her way to tell everyone, constantly, how great it is. She often channels her energy in ways like militant breastfeeding campaigns, anti-vax rantings, frequent Facebook and Twitter updates, mommy support groups, mommy blogs and trolling child-free websites.

6. No-Life Lola – The opposite of Had-A-Career Hattie; she never did anything with her life except breed. She frequently spoke of her “dream” of being a “wife and mother” and nothing else since 3rd grade. If she went to college, it was for an MRS. May use religion as a reason to achieve nothing. Often has no opinions and gets no attention except when she is pregnant and then leverages the pending spawn frequently with words like “if you don’t (whatever) then I am going to have to restrict your access to the child.” Also a frequent claimer of “name-theft” since she named her kids 3 years before she even started having periods and actually thinks these are “her” names.

7. Oopsie Annie – She hates the kids she has now and hates being pregnant but is either too stupid to figure out how to use birth control or thinks that one more baby will seal the deal with her man of the hour who screws around and beats her.

8. I-Love-My-Sags-And-Bags Sandy – Typically these moos proudly show off the tire treads on their bellies and kid themselves that their bodies and snatches bounced back to pre-preggo state….to the point of posting photos of their sags and cooches on Usually followed by scoffing at your figure, lack of pregnancy pouch, and that your boobs don’t hang to your knees and smirk at you, ‘Well that’ll all change WHEN you have kids’ (nah call me conceited but I like my figure and not willing to bust it up through the wringer in the name of reproducing). Also constantly hound on you to get pregnant ‘cause they want to see you fat, bloated and wearing elastic band pants.

9. Kodak Kathy – This one has the man, money and an array of domestic helpers. May as well be a co-worker, as she will probably go back to work if she worked before. Will talk endlessly about how having kids has ‘changed her life’ when in truth nothing has changed at all due to Conseula actually doing all the brat-wrangling. She lost her baby weight almost immediately thanks to the scheduled C-section with tummy tuck, followed by months of personal trainers and expensive diets delivered right to her door. Will use her child as an excuse to get out of work and other things she doesn’t want to do, which pisses everyone around her off no end, since they all know the child is nothing more than an accessory for her Kodak life. May well pack the brat off to boarding school and low about ‘missing them’. She will attempt to berate the CF into joining her, without stopping to think most people have to bring up their own children.

Click here for more people who hate your childfree status.

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15 Responses to The 9 People Who Hate Your Childfreedom

  1. mike says:

    10 The Bitch- She got a divorce when the child was 2 and had been cheating on him already. Now she uses the child as a weapon against the caring father.The child support she rreceives every month gos to support a the original child, the new live in boyfriend and his 2 from previous relationship, and yet another child that was “unplanned”.

  2. Javagirl says:

    @Mike – This was my mom. I still don’t know why she wouldn’t let our dad have custody of us. My brother and I got in the way of “Mom” ‘s party lifestyle.

    She’s dead now.

  3. TinyCF says:

    Wow, #10 is my Sister to a TEE with a bit of #11. When she had a girl, instead of another boy…she wanted nothing to do with that child. The man left and she gave the girl AWAY to a friend!!

  4. Cameron Grey Rose says:

    Cloning Claudia – the mother who begins disciplining her children in the womb to be EXACTLY LIKE HER. She explains that her two week old infant LOVES classical music, wants to be a dancer and loves to read historical fiction despite not being able to hold her head up yet. Claudia tells you of the hobbies she will share with her child “Since we both love yoga and hiking I can’t wait til she can sit up so we can do them together”. Takes any suggestion that her child MIGHT be even a little bit different from her as personal attack. Is more than prepared to viciously attack her child for different from her.
    If only Anna– Endless tells you of what she COULD have done with her life, cured cancer, won an Oscar, brought peace to the middle east if ONLY she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Never stops reminding her children of the great life she COULD have had if only they hadn’t been born. Dismisses any suggestion she pursue the goals she insists have been ripped away from her by these parasites who showed up uninvited into her home. “How am I going to find an hour a week to sketch? My kids won’t leave me alone for a minute!”
    So Sorry for you Sally – Your novel won a Pulitzer? That’s nice but when are you having a baby? Children are the only thing in life that has true meaning. Spend all your free time training dogs to help wounded soldiers returning from Iraq? You’ll never know joy if you don’t have a baby. I went to high school with went to a Ivy league college, graduate school, got a doctorate, psychology degree, wrote three books, married, open a very successful practice helping at risk youth, got pregnant at age 39. My high school classmates congratulated her for finally “Doing something important with your life”

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  6. mike says:

    The #10 I wrote. The Bitch is my ex-wife.

  7. Dora says:

    I’m a 17 year old girl and I’m ALREADY fed up with, not being asked if I want kids, but WHEN I’m having them. I can’t stand people smugly informing me, as if they are superior to me and have control over my life, “that’ll be you soon” whenever I see any parent with a child- one that is usually crying and behaving like a brat. My teacher is a mix of several of these types of mothers, but mostly a Bore-You-To-Death-Betty; constantly going on about every aspect of what their children have said or done, or what they’ve bought for their children, or their child’s eating habits! Enough already O_O

  8. Kat says:

    I guess it’s a lesson to men to be more careful with who they fuck unprotected I guess. If the ex wife was cheating, I would have demanded a paternity test out of the gate and tried to prove her an unfit mother.

  9. Kat says:

    #13 The Whining Male. He feels that he was “tricked” into being in this relationship, with an “oops” pregnancy, while he himself took NO responsibility for his own health or contraception. Every woman now is a conniving bitch who is out to “trap” him again, even though he STILL will take NO accountability for his own fertility because having a vasectomy “makes you less of a man” and condoms “don’t feel good.”

    Seriously, male or female, have some RESPECT for yourself and be RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN CONTRACEPTION!!!

  10. Kat says:

    #14 Creeper Duh. He’s the one who has the wife who resembles Jabba the Hutt, is fat as a pig himself, and drools constantly over younger women/CF women. He is “addicted” to internet porn, has more than likely cheated (but oddly on someone even grosser than him), and is entitled to the max though he has several baby mamas and thousands in back child support. He is a judgmental, often anti-choice moron who thinks he is beyond reproach because he spawned kids he doesn’t care for, but women, especially women who don’t have kids are whores. He won’t cease trying to pester you to “change your mind” or to fuck his nasty ass though.

  11. Rose says:

    Don’t forget Religious Ruthie – the one who goes on and on about “the miracle of childbirth.” She thinks that children are a gift from God and that using contraception – let alone having an abortion – is “destroying the life inside you.” She has 10 children because she’s too pure and holy to bother using a condom. Don’t try to argue with her. You’re already going to hell.

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