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Published on March 28th, 2013 | by Rayne


What I regret about being childfee

The amazing Juliewashere posted a new blog here asking her readers what they regret the most about being childfree. I thought I would respond with my own answer. My answers are strickingly simialiar to hers becase – we’re childfree by choice, a choice which isn’t made lightly and while some people regret their choices, you’d be hard pressed to find a childfree person that has interacted or grown up around children who regrets their choice to be childfree. Brace yourselves – sarcasm is coming.

What Rayne regrets about being childfree:

I loathe being able to have free time on my hands to do the things that I want to do.
I loathe being able to go out on outings and not have to cater to a small dependent child.
I loathe not having to leave outings early because of tantrum throwing children.
I loathe having the time and energy to complete my studies, my work and study another degree if I want.
I loathe that I made the mature decision to not have children because I am not interested.
I loathe that I made the mature decision to not have children because I would not being able to cater to their needs.
I loathe that I didn’t “follow the herd” and become a mother because everyone else is doing it around me.
I loathe that I have completed two degrees and am doing my Honours program while running a business.
I loathe that I have an intact vagina not tramuatised by childbirth.
I loathe my nights are  full of restful sleep.
I loathe my weekends full of sleep ins and video games.
I loathe walking around the house naked.
I loathe not having to spend money on nappies and formula.
I loathe my small but unmarked breasts that don’t leak breatmilk.
I loathe that I have time to learn new things.
I loathe that my life is my own and I can do whatever I want with it.
I loathe that I don’t have to constantly reassure myself that my decision to not have children was right for me.
I loathe that I don’t have to validate my choices by attempting to convince others to make them as well.
I loathe that I work for myself and can wear my tattoos, multiple piercings and mohawk with pride without other mummies judging me.
I loathe that all my jobs have been fantastic in science industry or human services industries contributing to making the world a better place.
I loathe that I know how birth control works and can inform others how it works so they don’t have unexpected or unwanted pregnancies.
I loathe not being pregnant and having someone take all my bodies nutrients.
I loathe not being pregnant and fat with swollen feet and having a baby kick me in the ribs.
I loathe not having to push out something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a grapefruit.
I loathe not being in debt for the next 18 years.
I loathe having a happy healthy sex life whenever I want with whoever I want.
I loathe having partners who are childfree and who love the same things I do.
I loathe sleeping in and waking up next to my partner and having uninterupted sex all day if I want to on the weekends.
I loathe I don’t have to structure my work or my weekend around children and their needs.
I loathe that I can have breakables in the house in places where the cats can’t ruin them.
I loathe that I can have breakables in the house and put the cats in the bathroom of a night time.
I loathe having cats that aren’t traumatised by children.
I loathe that my video game consoles are mine.
I loathe that my books are mine.
I loathe that my chocolate is mine.
I loathe that I can have my sex toys out in the bathroom to dry after being cleaned.
I loathe I can have sex anywhere in the house.
I loathe not contributing to the overpopulation of the planet.
I loathe that I can go see R rated movies with friends.
I loathe I an go out with friends anywhere we want without having to cater to children.

The list goes on and on and on…

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5 Responses to What I regret about being childfee

  1. Dora says:

    Well done you!! It’s so annoying when people ask me why I don’t want to have kids, your list is just brilliant!

  2. Iris/Cyrus the Virus says:

    You forgot to mention all the benefits of not being SICK all the time with COLDS and NASTY GERMS the kids brought home from their school, or their dirty, disgusting, diaper-smelling dungeon of a daycare (alliteration). I get a cold every 12-18 months, whereas the average woman my age (29 going on 30 this June) catches more than twice that many. You also have the advantage of not carrying E. Coli under your nails from changing diapers and/or washing-out underwear soiled by an older child with diarrhea, not to mention all the times a mother has to wake-up to the sound of a child vomiting in his/her bed…”BLEUELELKKKKKKK!!!” Then guess who has to clean it up at the risk of catching the illness…probably not Dad!

    • Iris/Cyrus the Virus says:

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m a childfree lesbian who gets lots of sleep and vitamins, which is why I’m so much healthier than the average woman my age.

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