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Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Rayne


Anti-vaxxers having a cry

So a friend on Facebook who I thought was a reasonable person decides to come out as an anti-vaxxer and ruined my illusion I had of her as a rational person.

This reply got me unfriended but it was worth it:

“If the anti-vaxxer crowd wants to leech of the herd immunity of others, they should be responsible for the rise in whooping cough and TB in Australia. If you want to pretend to know how vaccines work – you look like an idiot. The direct result of not getting a child vaccinated lowers the herd immunity of the population which in turns makes anti-vaxxors responsible for the rise in diseases.”

I see plenty of anti-vaxxers bitching that their kid can’t get into school without their shots or certain university degrees because they never had their shots. If you call an ill informed choice, pretending you have a medical degree and years of training and understanding how clinical trails work and an attitude that basically says that “My google searches outweigh every doctor, scientist and clinical trail and hundreds of years of research and medical knowledge” – that’s fine but conspiracy theories that every doctor, nurse, scientist, worker in a pharmaceutical company, every first world government official are in some great big cover up to make money at the expense of peoples lives – hundreds upons thousands of workers are in a conspiracy to promote vaccines for profit? – give me a break.

Especially since those some anti-vaxxers who cry about how “Big Pharma” makes a profit of medication, completely ignore the fact that the homeopathy and alternative medicine industrials makes $33.9 billion dollars per year with their useless products.

I didn’t study to become a chemist to be insult by someone who thinks their google-fu outweighs hundreds of years of research, hundreds of scientists gave their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and advancement so we can have protection against diseases that have killed millions – all to be undone by a mummy who probably failed grade 10 biology, who thinks they know best? Especially when the crux of their argument boils down to “Everything natural is good and chemicals sound bad” or “I understand that concept so it must be bad”.

Everyone has a right to choice, but those choices come with consequences and if you want to make a choice that directly impacts the health and well being of the population, then your children shouldn’t be with children who are too young to get vaccinated and have no protection and if like parents in America – you’ve decided to take your unvaccinated children to a public place, knowingly around too young to be vaccinated children and you know your child has a disease like whooping cough or the measles and an unvaccinated child gets ill and dies from it – that is considered manslaughter.”

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2 Responses to Anti-vaxxers having a cry

  1. Claudia says:

    If memory serves me correctly, the original medical professional responsible for the vaccines equal autism nonsense basically made up most of his data. (Now comes one of my “duh” questions. You have been warned.) Why haven’t the anti-vaxx parents seen the “medical-community-tap-dances-on-head-of-fraud-who-manufactured-vaccination/autism connection-documentation” on Google?

    Am I using too much logic, again?

    • Rayne says:

      Yes. You have to stop using logic.

      You’re correct, Andrew Wakefield has been disproven and lost his medical license. Seth Mnokins book “The Panic Virus” records the saga. Good book.

      Anti-vaxxirs still hold him up as a martyr though.

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