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The end of homeopathy – I hope so

National Health and Medical Research Council has released a report today that could quite possibly reduce a lot of homeopaths to tears.

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Book Review: Ben Goldacre – Bad Science

There aren’t enough words to adequately describe how great Dr Ben Goldacre’sBad Science” is for anyone interested in learning about pseudoscience, alternative therapies and generally bad science that have successfully pulled the wool over so many eyes – not too mention money out of peoples bank account.
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Book reviews!


I’m going to start reviewing books on the blog ^_^ Here’s a taste of what I’ll be reviewing:

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Miracle Mineral Supplement – Magic Bleach!

This week has been a pretty busy week for me which ended with me defriending another person on facebook after she posted a status defending a parents usage of the Miracle Mineral Supplement as a treatment for Autism.
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Alternative Medicine: How it exploits the masses

Last post I deconstructed the underpinning framework that is the homeopathy industry. Given the overflowing amount of blatant woo, quackery and appeals to nature embedded in homeopathic “philosophy” – the mind boggles how people can still swallow this tripe.

So today I thought I’d have a look at some of the reasons as to why homeopathy and the alternative medicine industry continue to be a multi-billion dollar industry despite being nothing more than magic water, magical thinking and unproven assertions. This article mainly focusses on homeopathy however many of the tactics used by homeopathy can be found used in other strains of alt med.

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Homeopathy: Magic Water and Magical Thinking


Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve been hella busy with life, universe and everything. I will however, relay a story that happened to me during the week which will be the subject of this somewhat long blog post.

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One persons trash is another persons – trash. It’s just trash.

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Look what I found for $4 at my local secondhand bookfair:

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Researching the research – How to divorce pseudoscience from science and separate fact from fiction

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, dear readers. I’ve been busy with life and finding a new job.

I thought I would post my submission to the Atheist Foundation of Australia magazine. Feedback is welcome!

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Too dumb to protect the herd

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I went to the doctors last week and have just gotten a call from my doctor stating that I’ve been exposed to the measels. A patient who had been unvaccinated, came into the surgery with measles which means everyone who had been in the surgery 2 hours after the patient had been there was exposed. Same with the staff as well. Read more

Anti-vaxxors having a cry


So a friend on facebook who I thought was a reasonable person decides to come out as an anti-vaxxor and ruin my illusion.

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