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Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Rayne


Twitter makes my Ebola tweet go ironically viral

The Ebola outbreak in Africa recently has generated worldwide attention. So far doctors and patients alike have succumb to the virus. Aid workers are currently assisting in hospitals in West Africa to contain the virus from spreading further.

Which of course has social media in a frenzy.

Last Wednesday I made the following tweet, firstly as a way to mock homeopathy and pseudoscientific claims of being able to cure anything with magic water but failing to put their money where their mount is. Magic water that somehow remembers the “treatment” substance it once had in it (of which the water no longer has any molecules of left due to the extreme level of dilution) yet it conveniently forgets all the other substances its had in it like feces, urine and vomit. If homeopathy were true – every time I drink tap water I would not only get sick from all the bodily functions I would be ingesting but I would over dose on all the extra strong memories of pharmaceuticals the water once had in it.

I have been since informed that Homeopaths without Borders actually does exist with a grand total of 346 people on their facebook page, several of which are skeptics asking questions the page owners either can’t answer or are ignoring. If you’re a little confused as too why some of the statuses say “21 comments” but you can only see 4 – that’s because HWB has a habit of deleting uncomfortable questions because why give evidence for your claims when you can just delete things?

Suffice to say the tweet went viral. So far 3,109 (and counting) informed people on Twitter have retweeted it. Not to mention those who have commented on my Facebook page, reposted it to the Skeptics Guide to The Universe and created memes out of it. It restores my faith in humanity.

Skeptical Raptor has written an excellent article on the response by homeopaths and what they have done to assist with the outbreak – that is sweet fuck all, unless you call peddling dangerous “treatments” as helping.

Yes – that is Doctor David “Orac” Gorski himself from Respectful Insolence. How fucking exciting! Orac has also written (as usual) an excellent article on what homeopaths have done in terms of assisting with the Ebola outbreak – which is (again) sweet fuck all unless you count peddling dangerous “treatments” to white rich people in countries that don’t have an Ebola outbreak.

My Twitter feed has also been alive with the sounds of people calling homoepathy for what it is – magical thinking for rich healthy people:

Of course, not all the responses have been so positive – several people have taken it upon themselves to respond with links offering homeopathic “cures”:

The video  is 1 hour long – I wouldn’t recommend wasting your download bandwidth (Update: The video is no longer availble). The video is of Naturopath “Dr” Robert Young – a cancer quack who has been arrested for peddling bullshit. His only “qualifications” come from diploma mills. Not exactly high on my list of people I would consider competent to speak about Ebola treatment.

I stopped reading a HIV denialism.

Sodium chloride is table salt.

My wife gives me backrubs with essential oils – they smell nice but they sure as shit aren’t going to kill viruses.

Here is the link Didrik is talking about. (Update: The link has since been taken down from the site). That one has already been debunked.

The above gem comes from a Facebook page called “Anyone Can Oil“, the post has since been deleted. There are numerous sites around promoting essential oils as cures for Ebola.

Or this old argument which has already been debunked.

I originally started out mocking homeopathy for not coming to the table when shit got real but with all the bullshit “cures” for Ebola, it further proves to me that alternative medicine is nothing more than snake oil designed to manipulate people out of their cash without regards for whether they live or not.

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2 Responses to Twitter makes my Ebola tweet go ironically viral

  1. SPoZB says:

    In accordance with their own beliefs, wouldn’t fewer homeopaths be more effective than more of them at combating the outbreak?

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